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Beautiful block honing In Taupo & Bay Of Plenty

We can create aesthetically pleasing honed block surfaces, creating a natural rustic feel which ensuring the wall is smooth.

Block Honing Specialist

Create a unique and aesthetic look with honed concrete/blocks. By honing the first outer few millimetres of the blockface you can create a sleek satin finish which highlights the natural colours of the mix.

Honed blocks are commonly used for feature walls, interior or exterior. Some are stack-bond laid with contrasting pointer colours. The way the black is laid, and the colour of the pointer used can dramatically affect the end visual result.

block honing

fast & cost effective block honing services throughout the Taupo region.

HTC Superfloor

Taupo Concrete Polishers are the only business in the Taupo region offering HTC Superfloors in four different concepts. A unique, cost-effective and environmentally friendly polished concrete floor, certified contractors such as ourselves adhere to standards and guarantee perfect results every time. Speak to Chris about this service today to find out more.

HTC superfloor
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